Lobster vs Crayfish? Differences?

Topic: If you look at a lobster and compare it to a crayfish they are very similar. What are the exact differences between the two? I would have to think that both species are part of the same family or very close. Doing some research on crayfish here and lobsters. I would like to know some of their major differences. I can see that their size is an obvious difference. But .. variables past that..? Thanks in advance.


Reply from Chris L.
crayfishThey are from the same family of species I know. The two very distinct differences in the two are the lobster lives in the ocean of salt water and the crayfish live in freshwater lakes. The other difference is that the lobster is different in size. The lobster is larger than the crayfish by a couple of inches.

Reply from Danny K.
Very similar species and apart of the same family. The life of these creatures are actually very simple when you break it down. They do most of their feeding at night time because they are hidden and its safe. They use their powerful sensory antennas to know what’s in the water as far as types of food and movements around them.

Reply from Maddy L.
Do you think that because I love the taste of lobster that I could eat crawdads and love them too or no? A lot of people catch them out of the lake around here and eat them but I’m always hesitant. But the other day my neighbor said that they taste exactly like lobster and that’s the main reason they eat them. I thought well heck! I love lobster maybe I should give it a try.

Reply from Danny K.
They do taste similar but because the lobster comes from the ocean it does have a tiny bit of a taste difference. People all the world eat crustaceans and you should try as many as you can if you love lobster because I’ve heard that’s the least tasteful of the bunch. I personally am allergic to seafood so I unfortunately won’t be able to enjoy their taste.

Reply from Maddy L.
So the crawdad is basically a mini version of the lobster? I am really going to try it then because that gives me hope in eating cheap seafood. We have tons of crawdads here in our rivers. Is there any bacteria a person should fear like that?

Reply from Danny K.
That I am unsure of. I know that sushi is raw fish so I would think a person couldn’t get too sick from eating a cooked crustacean. We’re getting a bit off topic of the question here but that should be a majority of the difference to my knowledge. Good luck Maddy with your discount fresh sea food. A crayfish is more of a freshwater habitat deal.. but they already stated that up top of me in the other answers. They are both very tasty though and I dare you to give them a try. My wife thought she would never love craws but she was mistaken.

image source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lobster

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