Best Traps to Buy and Bait to Use?

Topic: I am catching crayfish using a trap. I need to know what is the best bait to use inside the trap to lure the crawdads to come inside if it to feed. I have heard that dead fish guts work and chunks of fish.. But what else could I use to really catch a lot of crayfish. I need some help from an experienced crayfish trapper. Thanks for helping me.


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Posted by Keith U:
crayfish trapThe best thing is to use are usually going to have a very strong sent because crayfish use their tentacles to go off of sent in the water. But I have had the best luck with personally is just dead fish or dead fish guts. I know its gross to work with the organs and guts but they work very well. In the natural wild you will find the crayfish is main diet consists of fish. You can get their attention by using other things that they are not used to but you can consider it a guaranteed to catch crayfish if you use dead fish inside of your trap of medium-size.

I have heard of people using salami like what you would put in the sandwich and that works very well too. I think the reason salami works so well because of how stinky it is in the crayfish can sniff it out and smell it sent very easily. I have also heard that chicken liver and chicken guts work very well too because they are very stinky and give off at very strong smell kind of like fish guts.

As funny as it sounds I have also heard of people using small pieces of bacon because it really attracts the crayfish that way. I don’t think I should personally use bacon just to get crayfish because I think I’d rather eat the bacon itself then catch the crayfish. But if you’re pretty serious on catching a lot of crayfish maybe you could use a small amount of bacon but that maybe someone else can comment and confirm if it works or not I just heard that as a wise tale.

What I usually do is when I go fishing and I have to clean the fish I will throw their dead carcasses in my crayfish trap the night of income back and check it and also have crayfish with our meal with the fish.

It’s a great way to add some good crustacean value to your fishmeal. Crayfish taste great and if you haven’t tried it it’s very similar to lobster. It seems that when I talk to other people about trying crayfish as a food they seem to be a bit nervous for some reason and I’m not sure what it is. I think maybe it’s because they are a dirty crustacean that’s it’s on the bottom but if you think about it so as a crab or even a lobster and those are considered a delicacy. Crawdads can taste almost as good as lobster in my honest opinion.

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